How do I create an account? 

  1. Click on “My Account” link at the top right of the page.
  2. Please complete all fields marked with “*” accurately
  3. Click on save.
  4. Congratulations! You now have an account and are ready to start shopping!

How to login?

It is very important for you to have an account and login in order to have full access to www. If you still do not have an account, please do register here.

How do I manage my account on SOUQTAJMEEL.COM?

Once registered on SOUQTAJMEEL.COM, the My Account section allows you manage your account using a dashboard that provides;



What is the order cancelation policy?

We understand that sometimes you might change your mind regarding your purchase. If you change your mind when your order is still showing as “Under Process”, just email to cancel your order and we will do our best to cancel it providing your order has not yet been dispatched. If your order has already been dispatched, such cancelation will be treated as a returns. Please refer to our Return/Other section of the Terms and Conditions for further information.

What is the return/exchange policy?

Since all of SOUQTAJMEEL’s products are consumables, we only offer returns and exchanges if you received a wrong order or a defected product. For the returned orders, we will credit the amount you paid as a store credit in your SOUQTAJMEEL account so you can spend it on your next purchase.

How to request a return?
In order for the return request to be considered, you will need to send an email to within 7 days of receiving the order or visit View Order History on your account dashboard to initiate a return request.

What is the return notice period for returning a damaged or wrong order?

We provide our customers with a maximum of 7-day notice period to return a product. Please note that the items must be in the original packaging and must be unused.

How much does it cost to return a damaged or wrong order?

The return is free of charge if you have received the wrong order or a defected product.

When do I pay for the courier charges?

You will be charged return courier charges fees

  • If we find your return request not to be meeting the acceptable return condition mentioned in our returns policy, and you will be charged AED 21 for the resulting courier charges

When do I pay for additional courier charges?

You will be charged AED 21 courier charges fees:

  • If you placed an order and you failed to be present at the scheduled time and location to receive the order.
  • If you scheduled a pick up for the order you want to return and you failed to be present at the scheduled time and location.
  • If we find your return request not to be meeting the acceptable return condition mentioned in our returns policy and we had to deliver the returned item back to you.

What happens if I scheduled a pick up order twice and I failed to be available on the scheduled time?

We will automatically cancel your return order after the 2nd attempt and we will return any credit you paid as store credit in your SOUQTAJMEEL account after subtracting the delivery charges that resulted from the failed delivery and pickup attempts.

Is my package insured and do I need to sign for my order?

All deliveries are insured during transit and the courier company will ask for your signature and ID card at the time of delivery.
Before accepting delivery of any merchandise, please confirm/ ensure that the packaging has not been damaged or tampered with. If you think that the merchandise is not in good condition, or if the packaging is tampered with or damaged, before accepting delivery of the merchandise, then refuse to take delivery of the package and e-mail us immediately at while mentioning your order reference number. We shall schedule a replacement delivery at the earliest time possible.

What if the item I received was damaged?

At SOUQTAJMEEL we always take extra care in packaging your items. However, in case the item you received was damaged, please inform us immediately via the email or within 7 calendar days of delivery so that we can assist you with the return process.

What if the item I received is different than what I ordered?

If the item that you received is not as ordered, please inform us immediately via the email or within 7 calendar days of delivery so that we can assist you with the return process.

How do I submit a return request?

Please logon into your account here and fill in the Return Form within 7 days of receiving your order so that our customer service team can begin reviewing you return request.



Do I pay any fees or surcharges to SOUQTAJMEEL.COM for shopping online?

No, you will only pay the price of the item as it is shown on SOUQTAJMEEL.COM along with the delivery costs as detailed in your Shopping Basket before you check out.
If your items are to be delivered outside of the United Arab Emirates, then Customs and other Duties may apply. Such duties will be payable to the shipper on delivery.

What payment methods can I use?

Credit Cards
At SOUQTAJMEEL, our preferred payment method is via a secure credit card transaction. Rest assured, your card number will be protected using industry-leading encryption standards. We guarantee a safe shopping experience on our website. We currently accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Cash on Delivery
We accept Cash on Delivery (COD) as a payment method. Using this service, you can select to pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. Please note that the COD service is only available in the UAE.

Do you accept international credit cards?

Yes, we do accept most international credit cards, but we retain the right to refuse credit cards from certain countries, credit card companies, card issuers and banks.

I see a window from my bank requesting a “personal security code”, what should I do?

If you see a message from your bank requesting a “personal security code”, this means your card is registered for 3-D secure protection. All you have to do is enter your security code and your financial institution can authenticate the transaction within seconds.
If you haven't yet registered with Verified by Visa or Master Card Secure Code and are prompted, you'll need to activate this feature first. You can do this during the payment process, or activate it in advance by talking to your bank. After you register, you can use the security code for all your online transactions and ensure extra safety across all online transactions.

I have an unauthorized charge from SOUQTAJMEEL. Can you tell me what this charge is for?

In the unlikely event that a payment discrepancy should occur or that you should find a discrepancy concerning on your bank statement, please email us at

My credit card details were rejected! What can I do?

Double check the following common mistakes:

  • Is the card you used for ATM use only?
    • Some cards are not enabled for eCommerce Shopping, Contact your bank to enable your card for online shopping.
  • Did you complete the 3D Secure Check successfully?
    • In order to avail of 3D Secure authentication you must register your credit/debit card. This is a one-time process which takes place on the card issuer’s (Bank) website. The process involves the cardholder answering several security questions to which only the card issuer and cardholder will know the answer. The cardholder then selects a password and/or a secret question, which will be used by the card issuer during each online transaction. Contact your bank if you are facing any problems with 3D secure
  • Were the following fields entered correctly – card number, name on card, CVV code, expiry date?
    • Turn your card over and look at the signature box. You should see a special 3-digit code. This 3-digit code is your CVV number / Card Security Code.
    • Is there sufficient limit on your credit card?

If the above conditions are met, call your bank to check if your credit card is eligible for online purchases or if there is any other reason blocking it.



How can I place an order?

  1. Visit SOUQTAJMEEL.COM and click on the item for more information or click “Add to Cart” to add it to your shopping cart.
  2. Choose “Continue Shopping” if you would like to add more items or “Go to checkout” if you finished shopping.
  3. If you are a new customer, register here with your contact details. If you are an existing customer, click on "Log in", and enter your login information. 
  4. Choose your shipping address then “Go to payment”.
  5. Choose your payment method and click on “Complete Checkout”.

Why do you call me to confirm my order?

In order to serve you best and avoid any inconsistency in your order, sometimes we contact you to check on the requested product and quantity as well as the correct delivery address and payment method. In short, it helps us deliver orders to your doorstep faster and more reliably.

Can I pay in a currency which is not the delivery country's currency?

We only accept the currency of the delivery country.  

Which currency will you charge my credit card with?

We will charge your credit card in AED. The conversion between your local currency and AED is made at the moment of purchase.

How can I change the quantity of an item in my Shopping Cart?

Modify the quantity number in the text box under the Quantity column.

How do I remove an item from my Shopping Basket?

You can remove items from your shopping basket by clicking the ‘Delete’ link next to each item.

Will SOUQTAJMEEL.COM send me an order confirmation email?

Yes, an order confirmation will be emailed to your registered email address once the transaction has been completed.
A copy of your order confirmation will also be saved to your SOUQTAJMEEL account so that you may retrieve the transaction information at any time.
Please send us an email at or if you require further assistance.

What do the different product statuses at SOUQTAJMEEL mean?

  1. Under Process: Our team has received your order.
  2. Processed: Our team has prepared and packed your order and it is ready for the shipper to collect and deliver it to you
  3. Delivered: The shipper has delivered the order to you
  4. Canceled: Your order has been canceled due to a request by you or if the shipper wasn’t able to contact you to schedule a delivery. 



Am I buying items from SOUQTAJMEEL or from individual stores?

You are buying directly from SOUQTAJMEEL.COM

Are the items on sale authentic?

We understand that you may be surprised about the incredibly high discounts we are able to offer for top brands. Trust and great shopping experience are the epitome of our business. All our items are 100% authentic as we only deal with the official suppliers or directly with the brand owners.

Is online payment by credit card secure?

Our online credit card payments are secured by using a cutting-edge security level that protects your credit card payments.


We have in place appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful access to or accidental loss of or destruction or damage to your information. When we collect data through the Site, we collect your personal details on a secure server. We use firewalls on our servers. We use encryption by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) coding. Whilst we are unable to guarantee 100% security, this makes it hard for a hacker to decrypt your details. You are strongly recommended not to send full credit or debit card details in unencrypted electronic communications with us. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection and disclosure of your information. Our security procedures mean that we may occasionally request proof of identity before we disclose personal information to you. You are responsible for protecting against unauthorized access to your password and to your computer.

Is my information on SOUQTAJMEEL shared with third parties?

SOUQTAJMEEL respects and values the private information related to our customers. We only collect customer information in order to communicate with you regarding to your orders. We assure that we do not sell or give out your personal information to third parties. All newsletters and promotional e-mails we send to you have an easy unsubscribe feature allowing you to remove your e-mail address from our mailing list.



How are my orders delivered?

We work with trusted shipping companies, who will be pleased to deliver your order to your doorstep.

How long will the order delivery take - Within the UAE?

In the UAE, we are able to deliver to almost all areas within 2 to 5 days. If we are unable to deliver to your location, our Customer Service team will contact you to find a solution.

Our customer service center is available to answer any of your queries. If you have any queries about the delivery of your order, please email

Can I track my delivery status online?

We are sure that you cannot wait to receive your order. To check for the current order and delivery status, simply

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on your name at the top of the page
  3. Select 'My Account'
  4. Choose 'My Orders'
  5. Select the required order
  6. You will then see its detailed delivery status.

How do I reschedule a delivery?

We will be happy to reschedule delivery at your convenience. Simply get in touch with us through any of our communication channels.

What are the delivery charges?

If your order is above AED 500:

  1. For credit/debit card payments, delivery will be FREE!
  2. For Cash On Delivery, the delivery charge will be AED 26.5

If your order is below AED 500:

  1. For credit/debit card payments, the delivery charge will be AED 21
  2. For Cash On Delivery, the delivery charge will be AED 26.5

Are there any areas where you don’t deliver?

We will always try our best to deliver to all areas but if the delivery address is in one of the following out of service areas, you will be contacted to confirm if you can pick up the order from the courier office nearest to you:

Non Delivery Areas in Abu Dhabi vicinity

Musaffah, GAMCO (Gulf Aircraft maintenance co), Airport terminal 1, After airport site office, Al bahia, Al Khatam, Al Khazna, Al Raha, Al Rahba, Al Saad, Al Samha, Al Sila, Al Watba, Areas starting with telephone number 51******, Bainoona, Baniyas, Beda Zayed, Buhasa, Ghayati, Habshan, Jabel Dhana, Journ ya Four, Liwa, Madinat Zayed City, Mafraq, Mirfa, Mohd Bin Zayed City, Ruwais, Sahamah, Sila, Suwehan, Tarif, Taweelah, Yahar, Asab, Yas Island, Gandoot,Sir Baniyas,Guwaifath,Das Island,Musaffah-ICAD City 2, Al Wagan, Al Hayer, Al Remah, Shuhaib, Al Oha, Zakher, Maqam, Hill, Meyzad (after camp).

Non delivery areas in Al Ain/Ajman/ Umma Al Quwain/ Fujairah/Ras Al Khaimah vicinity:

Al Wagan, Al Hayer, Al Remah, Shuhaib, Al Oha, Zakher, Maqam, Hill, Meyzad (after camp) , Adan, Al jeer, Shamm, Khath, Burairath, Siji Al Hail (crushers/dusan site) , Shahma residential area (Dhaid)

What happens if I scheduled a delivery order twice and I failed to be available on the scheduled time twice?

We will automatically cancel your order after the 2nd attempt and we will return any credit you paid as store credit in your SOUQTAJMEEL account after subtracting from your credit the delivery charges that resulted from the failed delivery attempt.



What is VAT?
A Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax that is being introduced by the government. The VAT is applicable to both individuals and businesses, and is imposed on most goods and services that are bought and sold.

How will VAT be incorporated into SOUQTAJMEEL prices?
All of the prices you will see on SOUQTAJMEEL will already include VAT.

When will the VAT be implemented?
The VAT will be introduced on the 1st of January 2018, at a standard rate of 5% in the UAE and KSA

Will VAT cover all products and services?
VAT will apply to everything sold on SOUQTAJMEEL.

How is VAT calculated?
On the invoice, you will see a breakdown which indicates your order’s subtotal and the 5% VAT charge.



How can I reach Customer Support for assistance?

Please feel free to contact our customer service team on any of the following support channels:

What are SOUQTAJMEEL Customer Support's operating hours?

Please feel free to contact Customer Support Sunday to Thursday between from 9 am to 5 pm (GMT +4).

My order has been shipped, what next?

When your order is ready for delivery you should receive an SMS notification. This means that one of our drivers has your shipment and should be on the way to you shortly.

If you need to reschedule or are unavailable for any reason please make sure to email or .

I've been waiting longer than the delivery promise for my location, what should I do?

First of all we're very sorry that we were not able to meet the delivery promise for your area. Our SOUQTAJMEEL Delivery Solutions team will contact you soon to support in any way we can.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly emailing


Updated on 30th December 2017